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Additional Analyses

Additional Analyses If additional analyses of the dispensing material are required, these can be configured and made selectable. Adding additional analyses to the spermiogram Add the “Advanced  Analysis” container by […]

Material take-over

Material take-over A separate container is provided for the takeover of sperm material. You add this container to the spermiogram by clicking on “Add transfer”: In the container, click on […]

Please Notes

There are many several application possibilities, how you can deposit notes with a patient, or even with a patient pair. You can also vary in two different versions (DynaMed “Thera” […]


New Posts Zahlungen Nicolas Greilach 8. Februar 2019 IndexVollständige ZahlungTeilzahlungZahlungsausgangAusgleichsbuchungOptionen Wenn Sie einer vorhandenen Rechnung eine Zahlung hinzufügen wollen gibt es mehrere Auswahlmöglichkeiten was Sie machen können. Im folgenden werden […]

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