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Embryo Cryo Protocol

Note: Please note that you usually open the embryo cryo protocol from within the culture, except when using the non-detailed culture protocol or when you wish to cryopreserve any oocytes/embryos from external sources. If...

Open Culture Protocol

[index] The culture protocol may be accessed via the IVF protocols window:Subsequently, you will get an overview of the culture. At the beginning, this overview is, of course, still empty. Therefore, please switch immediately...

Preparation of Dishes

Before starting the culture, you may prepare the dish to be used during the culture and perform a batch check. 1. Open Culture Dish Preparation The Culture Dish Preparation may be accessed via the...


In this section you will learn everything you need to know about reminders.

Payments and Methods of Payment

Step-by-step you will get familiar with the seemingly complex subject ‘Payments and Methods of Payments’ as well as with the numerous configuration options offered by DynaMed.